Fresh Meat 8 Lick It Stick It

Year: 1999
Director: John Leslie
Cast: 1. Christine, Susi, Frank Gun, Reinhardt 2. Stephany , David Perry, Nick Lang 3. Chaterina, Sisi Blond, Alberto Rey 4. Caroline Cage, Kitty, Karl Ben 5. Jazmine, black_guy 6. Jazmine, Nacho Vidal
Tags: All Sex, Anal, Sex
Description: "Hardcore Erotica" is the best description for John Leslie's Fresh Meat 8. Journey through erotic fantasies and voyeurism with these lovely ladies. Don't let this fool you, though. They get off on not only what they see but the men that fuck them as well. Every hole is filled, every woman satisfied in this strangely artistic foreign film.

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Duration: 01:52:59
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